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Our main goal at HoneyBe Botanics is to make a product you don't have to question.

Does this contain ingredients that are going to irritate my skin?
Are there chemicals in this creme that are going to interfere with my body's healthy functioning?
Is this safe for my kids?
Am I wasting money trying to be "natural"?
Does it really matter what fragrances and unpronounceable ingredients are in my skin care?

There are plenty of things in our environment already wreaking havoc on our systems, but we still have the ability to maintain a clean and healthy environment at home, especially when it comes to our personal care products. The substances we use on our skin, the body's largest organ, are so important. Everything you apply to your skin is absorbed quickly and affects your whole system, sometimes causing hidden, but dire consequences.

Our ingredients are purposefully and thoughtfully sourced. They are as unadulterated as we can get without growing and harvesting them ourselves. We source organic when possible, while still working to make our offerings affordable.

HoneyBe products do not contain any synthetic fragrances, colors, or chemicals. Many of our ingredients can be found on grocery store aisles, or growing wild in green fields. We believe that our world is filled with beneficial plants and animal-produced resources that were created specifically to take care of our bodies, and we want to help you get back to the purity and simplicity of those natural resources.


Natural Herbs


Bottled Olive Oil


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Essential Oils

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