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About   HoneyBe Botanics



We believe in using ingredients that are safe for every type of skin, and that do more than just look and smell good. Our base materials are in the most natural form we can find them without going out and harvesting them ourselves. We don't use any synthetic fragrances, colors, or any other substance that is likely to irritate the most sensitive skin or other body systems.


Our world is full of nourishing, healing resources created for our use and healing, and we believe those are the best substances to use on our bodies. All of our products have a simple ingredient list with easily-identifiable components, and if you ever have questions about what we use, we're happy to answer them. You have a right to know what you're using on yourself and your family.



Beyond just maintaining the look and feel of our skin, we also want to nourish and improve it. Our purpose is to provide pure, natural products that are safe and convenient for your whole family. If we don't trust it for our own family, we won't make it.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information on our ingredients and other product details.

Who We Are

HoneyBe Botanics is a family-owned and operated company in Texas. Our natural product line was born from the necessity to find safe and natural solutions for our own family, which led to the creation of Baby Butter, and our desire to share it with everyone we knew. We have spent the last two decades raising a family and know what a struggle it is to live a healthy lifestyle without having to make all your own products from scratch. We have lived through the homemade toothpaste, detergent, and yogurt eras, and we are thankful for other small companies we now trust to make those things for us. We hope to make your life easier in the same way - by making skin care products you can both afford and trust to use on your own family, leaving you the time and sanity to enjoy your life. It can be difficult to find that balance, but we hope our contributions help.

Christy - President & Operations

Christy started making Baby Butter in 2006 for her own sensitive skin, and after realizing how amazing it was for diaper rash, started making it for all the young mothers she knew. After raising her own family and searching for a way to connect and contribute to the wider community, she decided to focus her efforts on making products for health-conscious people who want better options for themselves and their babies. In her theoretical spare time, she enjoys cooking, volunteering, learning anything new, and nerding out about Latin word roots and various other subjects that most people find dull.


Craig - VP & Finance

Every company needs a visionary, and this is the guy. He is an expert at finding solutions and pathways that aren't readily apparent to the average person, and he excels at recognizing and nurturing strengths in others. Many of his responsibilities in life could be likened to wrangling a herd of wild kittens, but he handles them with wisdom and generosity, as a gentleman out of his own time. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and competing with his grown sons in feats of strength.

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